Learn Dancing With Us!

When a special occasion comes up, most likely someone may pull you on the dance floor or even better, you could be asked to dance by someone. Turning down the person in public is not an option. To have a great time dancing while being the center of attention adds a new life to your public image. Learn quickly for such occasions through private lessons or group lessons depending on your needs. We will get you in top shape to perform for this.

Just starting out

If you yearn to learn dancing the way you have seen many times on TV and afraid that you may never get there because you have two left feet, fret not. We are here to help you started into your journey and help you reach your dream of being able to dance before your peers, friends and family. We offer group dancing sessions that will help you learn in a very friendly environment where everyone progresses through stages just like you. The group sessions are also helpful in developing confidence for public performances.

Club or Social Dancing

If you are a regular visitor to local clubs chances are that you are already comfortable with dancing. If you want to take your existing dance skills a few notches up, we can introduce you to multiple dance styles with easy to learn dance routines.

Even if you have no experience dancing and would like to learn for club or regular social hangouts, Ballroom Buzz will get you ready to add that spark in your steps.

Competitive or professional dance

Dancing in competitions and reaching the stars is your dream? Hip hop toronto provide specialized training for you that consist of intensive training, taking you from even the beginner level to advanced levels. With our extensive experience in competitive dance sports, we will help you achieve your dreams. We set the fundamentals right by providing you with the right technical training, taking you through the nuances of each dance form and encourage you to bring out the creative best in you.

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